Feb 09

Skiers & snowboarders opt out of wearing ski helmets

A third of British skiers and snowboarders do not wear helmetsA recent study has found that a third of British skiers and snowboarders decide not to wear a helmet.

Research by snow sports insurer Columbus Direct also found that three quarters of British skiers and snowboarders who go on singles skiing holidays and other types of skiing breaks ski off piste without a guide or an instructor.

The study, which surveyed 3,500 people, found that 60 per cent of those who decide not to wear a helmet would not change their minds, despite accidents being widely reported in the media, such as F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident in December 2013, whose head injuries could have been fatal without a ski helmet.

Even more worryingly half of those surveyed in the study said they do not carry any safety equipment on the mountain.

Greg Lawson, managing director of Columbus Direct, told the Telegraph, “Compacted snow on the piste can feel like concrete when you land on it at speed, so it’s well worth the investment of a helmet.”

Image Credit: Larry Lamsa (flickr.com)

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