Feb 24

What to wear on your head when you’re going skiing

Singles ski holidays - Ski HeadwearThe popularity of skiing has never really dwindled, spending the winter months amongst copious snow while gliding the dramatic descent appeals greatly to millions across the world every year. It might sound silly to say but the mountains can be both dangerous and bitterly cold, therefore choosing the right head gear is absolutely essential to you making the most of your holiday.

First things first it’s the need of a bobble hat, with temperatures often flirting around -35° in some regions, its important to make sure your head is warm. Without the warmth of a hat you risk letting your forehead baring the brunt of the alpine chill, which could cause severe headaches and even sickness.

An alternative to this is a head mask or a balaclava, keeping your head and face warm and away from the chilling winds. A head mask is usually made neoprene or other water resistant materials, complete with a range of humorous designs and styles you can don while you scale the pistes. Masks are completely breathable and are easy to keep clean, simply wash them in a cold sink after use.

The more extreme is the balaclava, offering full face and head warmth in one item. The only problem with them is that they are made of cotton, guaranteed to catch the freezing air while you’re heading up on the chair lifts. The icicle laden balaclava can then become uncomfortable as you descend, with the ice melting and essentially turning it into a wet towel on your face; not the ideal thing you want to keep you warm.

For the more extreme adrenaline junkies on the slopes, keeping your head warm isn’t the only priority. Helmets do well to tackle this, offering full head support to protect you if you happen to take a heavy fall. A helmet can usually be picked up for around £30, a price worth paying considering the safety features it offers alone. The more expensive helmet you buy, the more features they possess to improve your skiing experience. These can include anything from extra padding, improved and strengthened materials and even integrated headphone slots, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes on the mountain side without your headphones coming out. If you want to spend a lot more money, you can now buy helmets with removable faceguards, allowing for the ultimate in style and protection at your choice.

So there are just a few things you could wear to keep your head warm and safe while on your skiing holidays. If skiing is something that appeals to you and you don’t like the though of going solo, why not look into the possibility of singles ski holidays? They offer a range of holidays at a number of different resorts acrossEurope. You never know, it could also be the perfect place for you to meet some friends for life.

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